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a Muslimah. an 18year old Accounting student. an ARIES. a KPOP lover. a VIP & a BLACKJACK. i'm GD and DARA biased fan. an APPLER. and I just love -- MUSIC. FOOD. CLOTHES. SHOES. && EVERYTHING, except.. :)
there's a lot of things I want to share but I can't seem find the perfect person to share it with. and with that, I joined tumblr. :D
keep on smiling! :)

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Have patience, no matter what the difficulty and no matter how dark the road ahead seems. For truly, with patience comes victory, and with difficulty relief follows close behind.

‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni (via hakuna-mataataa)

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Where is this from?

I believe it’s from the trailer of Gaza-Strophe 

Thank you!

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